GSA Computers - Computer sales and service, Sudbury Ontario


We will assist you in building, purchasing and implementing your computer/networking needs. We will help you decide from what
hardware you need to the software and how to implement it in your environment.


Messaging Systems

If you are thinking about implementing, or need to know more about a centralized server, then we can help you.

In addition to general consultancy about how a centralized server can transform the way your company or organization manages information, we can provide specific advice on the following:

* Environmental Requirements
* Methods - What are the best implementation options
* Messaging - Considerations for migrating from your current mail system to Exchange Server
* Business Benefits and Cost Justification
* Costs (set up, installation, hardware, licensing, etc.)
* Internet / Intranet Technology
* Using the Internet for selling your products (Electronic Commerce)

Additional we can provide technical skills in the following areas:

* Networks - How can our current network be utilized (Windows, Linux, Sun SOLARIS)
* Migration from previous versions of Exchange Server
* Database / Application development and form view customization
* Migrating and Integrating your existing company data

Project Management

If you decide to deploy Microsoft Exchange Server within your organization, we can supply project management skills at competitive rates. This is charged on a hourly basis, so unless the implementation is particularly large, you may find that project management and consultancy is only required on a part-time basis. This means you do not have to commit (external) resources for the full duration of the project. Typically, for an implementation of 2 servers and 150 clients, only 3-6 days of project management will be required, even though the implementation may take 2-4 weeks.

We only supply people with previous practical experience in managing Microsoft Exchange Server implementations and migrations.

Business Information

We can provide advice and consultancy on organizing and managing your business data. From using Microsoft Exchange Server
to word processor documents, we can help you keep your business information online to all who need to see it.

Using the latest technologies we can advise on how you can implement a single access point for all of your company information and data.

Internet Consultancy

As well as Microsoft Exchange Server consultancy we can provide practical help and development skills to help your company or organization set up a Web site. This includes advice on who can provide you with a service, as well as developing your own company Web pages.